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Deathcode Society

Deathcode Society,  2019

Clever, intense, brutal – from the first to the last chord: Deathcode Society give your audio canals a good beating, without backing off. The five metalheads from southern France and Great Britain play uncompromising apocalyptic metal, strongly influenced by expressionistic orchestral and vocal music. Besides the symphonic passages with multi-vocal choir arrangements, guitar heavy tunes and pushing bass lines define the chords of the almost epically long songs. Three things are omnipresent: Pain, sweat, and time – Because Deathcode Society chisel their works until the grave.

It took the guys a good six years after their first demo to publish their 2015 debut “Eschatonizer” – meticulously arranged and well over the speed limit. The Priest classic “Metal Meltdown” and Emperors “With Strength I Burn” are two extremely great covers on the record, which will wash away the last Nirvana shirts. Already good to go? The Dong is getting Deathcode Society to Germany!

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