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Cantus Levitas

Cantus Levitas,  2023

Dear friends of the folkier kind of metal, do listen up: When bagpipes and violin sound, it is time for the vassal to mosh and the maid to head bang. Cantus Levitas from Swabia have set course for the Dong Open Air! Originally founded in Heilbronn as a medieval band of buskers, the six felt their calling was of a harder fate. The final result turned out to be a fusion of brute metal riffing and folkloristic instruments. In short: Very moshable medieval/folk metal with traditional lyrics.

So, raise your mead horns to the sky, because Cantus Levitas are bringing their mix of euphoric, but also gloomy song for an atmospheric, yet refreshingly cliché free show. We guarantee nothing short of a first-class sailors’ bash! If you don't shake a leg or swing that hair, may the boogeyman get you!

Karges Land

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