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Call of Charon

Call of Charon,  2023

Some things just take a while to mature until they’re great: Wine, whiskey, and... deathcore. Wait what? Yes, you read that right, because the Duisburg based death squadron Call of Charon spent 13 years until they released their highly praised debut album “Plaguebearer.” Numerous lineup changes never once took away from the brutal vigor the band around front growler Patrick Kluge put forward.

This may not come as a great surprise, but Call of Charon just aren’t the band you consult for happy, life affirming songs. Instead, they focus on social issues and the battle with their inner demons. Machine gun inspired snare drum fusillades, nerve wrecking riffs, and growls of the living dead perfect the whole impression. In short: Deathcore beacons Call of Charon promise nothing but complete destruction.

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