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Bloodywood,  2019

Even after decades there are still moments in Metal when you put on your ears and hear something for the first time. So also, when we last aligned our world receiver. Riff-oriented metal and speech singing - we thought these should be atmospheric reflections from the USA of the turn of the millennium. But then there were growls in foreign languages and exotic folklore, and finally New Delhi was localized as the source. What the fuck?

Bloodywood, of all people a duo that started 2016 with heavy parodies of successful songs, creates its own sound today - where there has been a lot of nothing on the metal map so far. Especially traditional Indian instruments and clear vocal lines like from Bollywood movies provide a lot of originality in covers as well as in the young own songs. And with their music videos clicked millions of times and their social commitment, you simply have to love the band. For the first time the Dong will be sung on Hindi and Punjabi. For the first time Bloodywood will go on tour!

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