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Blessed Hellride

Blessed Hellride ,  2023

Even the toughest metal heads need a break. And if you’ve been frying in the summer sun, lost your beer vouchers, and premium toilet wristbands, hunted by wasps, there is one door through which you need to go: Blessed Hellride! The five guys from Trier dry your tears, soothe your pain and fears with heavy rock and burn fresh adrenaline into your body.

Since 2010, the band has been touring the clubs and festivals, hailing former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde with their name. With heavy guitar riffs, pushing grooves and martial vocals, Blessed Hellride already paid their dues of the Dong Hill in 2019, burning more than a few holes in the dust. This year, they’re bringing their new and third album “Hellfire Club”, featuring bikes, beer, gas, and Helldorado. Keep a bottle of Nestor beer and fire accelerant at hand, because Tiny Fuel plays with first yet again: “This is just the beginning, they're bound in blood, no regrets in the Hellfire Club!”

Hellfire Club

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