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Blessed Hellride

Blessed Hellride,  2019

Bourbon, western, and outlaws are the key words that immediately come up when speaking about the Trier-based heavy rock combo Blessed Hellride. No surprise, as the rockers from the German South show no mercy in songs like “Bastards & Outlaws” and “Bourbon King.” The impulsive beats remind of a herd of wild horses, trampling down anything in their way. The rear guard consists of leaden riffs and Tiny Fuel’s prominent vocals make it a well-rounded experience, and it is not too coincidental that there is a faint memory of Black Label Society in the sound.

If we still haven’t made this mouth-watering to you yet, please be assured: Blessed Hellride provide a decent southern groove thunderstorm, and their strong guitar solos put everyone on the floor and at the bar in high spirits. The mustangs are champing at the bit, so get ready for a hell ride through the saloon and hold on to that liquor! Long live the Bourbon King!

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Bastards & Outlaws

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