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AngelInc,  2019

AngelInc take no prisoners. The brute riff machine of five from Duisburg, whose name is derived from a fusion of Angelus and Incubus, goes from 0 to 100 immediately and turns each of their shows into an outright furious metal orgy. The band’s mastermind Marco’s dark growls, combined with some clean vocals and badass riffs lay the foundation for the extremely diverse sound of the modern groove metal combo.

And when Jean, who happened to rock our stages last year with Dirty D’Sire, beats his fast-paced solos through the amp, there’s no more stopping them. You could just as well try and stop a racing Porsche with your bare hands. Power metal elements fused with ruthless harshness mill right into your ear canal. Take a look at the live video of the grand “Against the Stream” or the song “Your Own Demons” on their website. If your hair isn’t flying by now, you’re a lost cause.

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