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Alestorm,  2019

“Alright, you shits, we’re Alestorm!” The crazy Scots who – 10 years ago – toured the festivals stages in threadbare ruffled shirts, keytar, and a rather boozy blend of power and viking metal, have made themselves a name as the most successful fun act of their genre. With their mix of convincing lyrics (“We are here / to drink your beer”), energetic songs (in parts even with really good death metal shouts) and a very self-determined outfit choice, the have occupied their very own niche, so special, not even Running Wild knew it existed.

When you record music videos in which you fight a little person doppelganger of yourself an swap the vocals on an entire album for dog barks, you do create certain expectations for your shows. Expectations that are happily and consequently met. So go get arrrnother rum and get ready for one of the very few Alestorm shows in 2019!

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