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Visigoth - Dong Open Air 2018

Visigoth,  2018

Recently a friend sent us an uncommented link to the song "Traitor's Gate", and unsuspectingly we checked it out. Some seven minutes later, the last sounds of the brilliant finale echoed in our ears. To our surprise we found ourselves singing along loudly to lyrics we had never heard before. We quickly got rid of the makeshift armament we had collected to go into battle at the side of Visigoth and looked for more information about this band.

Salt Lake City is not necessarily the ideal breeding ground for heavy metal. But the underground of the, to say the least, christian city is bubbling. A parallel to our neighboring city Krefeld is striking: If you look at the names of the members of bands like Gallowbraid, Caladan Brood, Ered Wethrin, and Visigoth, you will always come across the same industrious musicians. In this constellation they play True Metal at its finest, refined with a good shot of Power, and now and then a pinch of Doom. A special treat is the voice of singer Jake, who never leaves the mid and low tones.

The fiver has already used the young year 2018 not only to release the current album "The Conqueror's Oath", but also to win mercilessly at the German Swordbrothers Festival and most recently at the Hell Over Hammaburg. The next stage to be converted to Crom's altar is the Dong Open Air!

The Revenant King

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