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Torian - Dong Open Air 2018

Torian,  2018

It is commonly known that placid Ostwestfalen-Lippe just isn’t up there on the list of birthplaces of rich power metal bands. However, our old friends from Torian toil day in day out to correct this assumption and to mark their hometown Paderborn with the biggest X in the metal atlas.

The guys, who have been together with the same lineup for 16 years (!), most recently played up on the Dong Hill in 2014. Back then the group around singer Marc Hohlweck proved their unrestricted live abilities and took the audience by storm in no time. Even though their current EP “Phantoms of the Past” isn’t brand new, we came to the conclusion that this is a plus: It allows you to properly prepare to sing along to the chantworthy power metal hymns!

Phantoms of the Past

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