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Motorjesus - Dong Open Air 2018

Motorjesus,  2018

Where Motorjesus – or Motorjupp as local endearingly call them – show up, it smells like burnt tyres, asphalt, gas, and liters of beer. The guys from Mönchengladbach truly are a hard rock authority, as they have spent the past 25 years providing the perfect, testosterone loaded soundtrack for illegal street racing. No matter in front of how many people they play, Motorjesus always go full throttle!

Despite a quick pit stop due to personal changes: The horse power fanatics are itching to step the gas pedal through the floor to hit you with their new songs. Unleashed guitar power meets Motorjesus’ hymnic rock songs with a headbang guarantee! We promise: It will get racy! And while we have equipped our stage tent with a roll bar, you should probably fasten your seatbelts when you show up to the Motorjesus show!

Motor Discipline

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