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Infected Rain - Dong Open Air 2018

Infected Rain,  2018

Moldovan demolition team – that’s probably the best summary of Infected Rain. The Moldavian Five have been raising hell for ten years and worked hard to make their very own mix of metal genres. Still, Infected Rain never loose perspective of what matters. The combo from Chișinău manages a musical split between aggressive growls, and well-dosed samples artistically.

If you already risked your ear and listened to a couple of Infected Rain song, you probably have already noticed: Lena Scissorhands and her combatants don’t take prisoners. Their live show prove they give their all, regardless of the consequences, and Lena occasionally manages to scream until her vocal cords bleed. This commitment must be rewarded! But be aware, there is no vaccination available for the Infected Rain virus. Join us and get contaminated!

Orphan Soul

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