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Grailknights - Dong Open Air 2018

Grailknights,  2018

Those of you who have made the hike up the hill a regular event in their lives will probably have witnessed a battle or two for the Holy Grail of Castle Grailskull. The battles of 2006 and 2008 are legendary, when the Knights played the opening slot of the day in a tent that was bursting from the seams with people – and fought back against the nasty Doctor Skull! 2018 marks the year when the heroes from Grailham City finally return along with their beer supply steed Beer Beauty.

This time, however, Beer Beauty doesn’t only carry cold grail’s brew, but also the latest, muscular fifth album of the warriors in superhero attire. Break your neck in battletastic hero metal™, build your muscles during active Grailrobic™, chase away Doctor Skull and relish in a beer shower. Get ready and tune your vocal cords for a decent “Grailknights Battlechoir? YES SIRE!”


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