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Dirty D’Sire - Dong Open Air 2018

Dirty D’Sire,  2018

Dirty D’Sire are yet more evidence of premium quality guitar work produced in eyeshot of the Dong hill. The four guys hail from Duisburg. And while you may wonder if the spelling of their band name is actually original at all, their sound leaves no doubt of it.

But don’t be alarmed. Popcore is what they call their blend of metalcore and skate punk with brazenly catchy choruses. Does that make you curious? We think their version of “Don’t be so shy” is indeed no less impressive than Any Given Day’s interpretation of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”

Our neighbors have only been fine tuning their work since early 2016, which makes their EP and their first album “We own the Night” even more remarkable. The Metal Hammer calls the latter “non-stop hit fireworks.”

Don't be so shy

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