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Alvenrad - Dong Open Air 2018

Alvenrad,  2018

Classic metal mixed with traditional folk music, melodic 70s prog with a hammond organ spiced up with haunting black metal screams, and blast beats – if Siegfried had had Alvenrad, he could have taken down Hagen! The respected label Trollmusic identified metallic potential early on in the acoustic projects of later band founders Mark Kwint and Jasper Strik. Fresh ideas all around, the two Dutchmen signed with the label in 2013.

Positive and energetic vibes lead the duo’s through their debut “Habitat” (2014) to Veluwe, a mythical landscape of forests and moorland within the Netherlands. The Shire, medium rare, if you will, just like good folk metal deserves. The successor “Heer” (2017) already had Alvenrad as a quartet on a continuous journey. Again, primal folk elements meet old fashioned heavy metal, serving you pure escapism. See for yourself that at the Dong Open Air, “de Raven Wodans” fly again!

Foreest in Tweelicht

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