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War Kabinett - Dong Open Air 2017

War Kabinett,  2017

If you remember the 2015 Dong Open Air, you will probably remember War Kabinett from Mexico City burning deep inside your ears. Back then no one around here knew who the hell they were, but that didn’t matter to the guys. Their uncompromising “hybrid symphonic metal,” which ranges somewhere between Iced Earth and Fleshgod Apocalypse, won over the heart of the audience immediately and had them wave the Mexican flag in the first rows. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the combo is very much looking forward to another chance to meet you on the hill.

The troupe around front man Dante Díaz is currently working on new material for the upcoming album. We are looking forward to find out if a new song or two makes it up the hill. Either way, War Kabinett remain jalapeños for the ears, and we are certain that you will get to dance the most metallic salsa of the year!

The Great Deceiver

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