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Can of Worms - Dong Open Air 2016

Can of Worms,  2016

Once opened, you got yourself a decent blow of thrash right in your face. The band lists Slayer, Exodus, and Kreator as their main influences, but holds back who had them incorporate a decent dash of death metal that – embellished by some serious growls – forms the style of Can of Worms. One further characteristic of the quartet is their tendency for high speed which shapes almost every song on their 2015 album “Kult of Nuke.” Can of Worm’s leitmotiv “Nuclear Thrash Metal” sums their work up more than well!

But not only do they sound great on record, they are also a great live band! The Bayonne-based guys stride off the beach and onto the stage, it almost feels impolite not to push your audience neighbor a good yard. So please be nice and do as singer Steven says. Otherwise, he might get upset again, like he does at 00:49 of their video “Running Dead” …

Running Dead

featured clip