Gloryhammer - Dong Open Air 2017

Gloryhammer,  2017

When fish and chips meet cheese fondue, you get… well? Exactly! This is crazy! Just like Gloryhammer. Founder Christopher (also: Alestorm) is Scottish , not English, but let’s not be too meticulous here. Singer Thomas is Swiss, and both of them enjoy dressing up (as does the rest of the band)! Their song titles and lyrics suggest that a decent share of alcohol was involved in the creation. Evil unicorns, the mean magician Zargothrax, the whole nine yards… At the end of each show, bass player James gets crowned the divine ruler and everyone yells Hoots.

Sounds silly? It is. But it just so happens that everyone does yell Hoots. In front of the stage that is. And that’s usually a fairly popular location during the concerts. The gaudy power metal and the congenial five just sweep away their audience. Sure, beer doesn’t hurt the overall experience, but tell us about a time when this wasn’t true. And now we probably got you thinking of the Grailknights? XD

Rise of the Chaos Wizards

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